International Days for Action

Celebrating International Days for Awareness, Education and Social Change

International Days to Take Actions

Globcal International is active in tracking global observances and awareness day events that are celebrated in more than one nation. The International Days and Observances are a great ice-breaker and essential element in the development of programs and projects that affect positive change in civil society.


Days to Make Change Happen

An international observance, also known as an international dedication or an international anniversary, is a period of time to observe some issue of international interest or concern. At Globcal International we try to keep track of the most important awareness days that are repeated because they form part of the order of our civilization, promote ethical values and give rise to the international collective consciousness.

Which Days Should be Celebrated?

All of them, or at least all of those which are evaluated to bring education and awareness that fosters the human condition, preserve traditions, mark anniversaries, and promote a sustainable civil world to make the earth a better place!

Keeping Track of Your Favorites

We have a calendar posted here which is based in Google G-Suite that can be downloaded or shared and is updated periodically and is meant to focus on the "most international" celebrations, observances, remembrances, holidays, and special event celebrations that possess international or global reach. Generally most observances that are promoted in three or more countries qualify them as 'international.'

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Use our Calendar!

Anyone who has a Gmail or Google+ account can download or follow our custom combined master calendar here on our page and get news updates about special celebrations and events we find.

Suggest New Days

Anyone can suggest updates to our annual calendar by joining our Facebook Group or communicating with Ambassador Maria Veneke Ylikomi at her home/office located in Sweden. All significant awareness events and educational days will be considered for inclusion.